Bears Everywhere!

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The Colorado Division of Wildlife had a busy Monday with bear sightings in several Colorado Springs neighborhoods.

A mother bear and her cub broke into a house on Crown Ridge Road. The homeowner left her house for a short period, and when she returned, she noticed the screen door was damaged. DOW officials tranquilized the bears and removed them from the area.

This is the same bear family that has been hanging around the western side of the city for much of the summer. A few weeks ago, another bear cub in this family was killed when it climbed a power pole and was electrocuted. This is considered Strike One against the mother and her remaining cub. If they're caught again and have to be moved from populated areas, they'll be destroyed.

Two more bears took up residence east of the downtown area. Although they were simply hanging out in a tree, they were just a block away from an elementary school. When school officials found out about their new neighbors, they pulled all students inside for the rest of the day. Principal Kirsten Cortez said, this isn't something they've had to deal with before.

The third bear sighting on Monday was in the Old Broadmoor area, but it's unclear if DOW officials actually spotted this animal.