Flood Damage

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Sunday flooding definitely left it's mark on southern Colorado. Streets became rivers in some neighborhoods, turning several basements into nothing short of mud puddles.

The Stetson Hills neighborhood saw much of the damage. Residents say the water was running through the streets as high as knee level. On Monday homeowners were worried they might see more of the same.

Danielle and Shane Pitzer's home was logged down Saturday and Sunday with what they estimate was about three to four inches of water. They say the water destroyed some of their belongings, including their wedding guest book, some of their kids' school pictures, a computer and anything else that was touching the ground.

Steve Misner from "Above the Rest" carpet cleaning has some tips if you have flooding in your home. First, put on rubber boots and gloves before going into the flooded area, since you don't know what kind of water you're stepping into. Second, call flood assistance for the clean-up and make sure they're certified in water damage restoration.