Ft. Carson Soldiers May Face Homicide & Manslaughter Charges

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A Denver newspaper reports U.S. Army officials are planning to file negligent homicide and manslaughter charges against two Ft. Carson
military intelligence officers.

Chief Warrant Officers Lewis Welshofer and Jeff Williams, both part of the 3rd ACR, are accused of suffocating Major General Abed Hamed Mowhoush during an interrogation.

Welshofer is accused of sitting on the General's chest and covering his mouth while he was in a sleeping bag. Williams was involved in the interrogation.

The Denver Post reports it's obtained a Pentagon document which says two other enlisted soldiers are facing dereliction of duty charges in the fatal interrogation.

Prosecution of the two officers would mark the first time service members involved in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan face homicide related charges, in connection with the abuse of prisoners of war.

Under military law, the soldiers face a maximum of 13 years in prison if convicted.