"My Life" as Bill Clinton

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The life of former President Bill Clinton is now on bookshelves across the country, for everyone to read.

His autobiography, called "My Life" is a 957 page documentation of everything from Clinton's childhood in Arkansas to his eight years in the White House and the Monica Lewinski scandal.

11 News talked with one local bookstore, who said sales of the book didn't take off as quickly as anticipated. A few people had called the Pueblo Barnes & Noble to reserve copies of the book, but nearing day's end Tuesday, there are still plenty on the shelves. It's quite a contrast from blocks-long lines in New York and other cities.

Ann Rayner of Barnes & Noble says she thinks people will wait to hear word of mouth about the book, before they decide whether or not to read it.

Some said they saw Clinton's interview on 60 Minutes and couldn't wait to pick up a copy of "My Life." Others, in a highly republican region of the country say they'd rather not donate money to Mr. Clinton.

But, despite the slow start, Barnes & Noble's store manager says she expects the book to make the top 10.

HIllary Clinton's book has sold a more than one million copies since its release just over a year ago. It stayed on the national best seller's list for 20 weeks.