Storm Damage

storm damage
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Now that the skies have cleared after this week's severe thunder and hail storms, homeowners are getting their first look at the damage.

Calls for repars to leaky roofs are pouring in for southern Colorado contracting companies. Several roofs in Colorado Springs are a total loss.

Roofers consider a roof a total loss when the fiber glass inside is virtually shattered.

For Toni Gardner, this problem is a reality. She is currently trying to sell her home and after this week, she needs her leaky roof fixed right away. Not only is her roof destroyed, the hail also shattered two skylights.

Roofer Nick Carpenter says if you're not sure if there's damage to your roof, look for quarter sized black dots in the shingles, where the granules have been knocked off. Also, Carpenter says, check to see if the granules washed into the gutters

And, ruined roofs aren't the only side effect to the storms, "This week we've gotten a lot of leak repair calls from people, I think our calls were up 20 or 25 percent this week, just from rain we had for so many days in a row," says Carpenter.

He says people leave a damaged roof untouched for years, so when it rains, they realize it leaks.

Carpenter recommends hail resistant metal roofs. And he says, if it's possible, homeowners should wait until August when the hail season is winding down, before fixing a damaged roof.