Colorado Campaigning

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Senator John Kerry is in Colorado Monday, campaigning for the democratic vote in this year's presidential election.

One possible reason for Kerry's visit to our state is because it has been classified as a "swing" state by some political analysts.

Experts find Colorado's new swing status to be interesting considering it's very long history of voting primarily republican.

Back in 2000, President Bush won the election by only four electoral votes and many believe the race will be just as close this November. Colorado has nine electoral votes meaning it could be a determining factor for the winner.

But, even as a swing state, many don't believe that will change Colorado's love for republicans, "the most consistent figure about Colorado is that it tends to run 5 percent more republican than the country," said political science professor Bob Loevy.

In the past 50 years Colorado has voted democratic only twice in 1964 and 1992. And a count of voters in El Paso County shows there are still more than twice as many registered republicans as democrats.