Cutbacks May Change the Face of So CO Schools

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Millions of dollars from Southern Colorado schools are being chopped from next year’s school budget. District 11 officials say 192 custodians may lose their jobs so the positions can be outsourced.

It is just a small portion of the big budget cuts facing the Colorado Springs School District. Other staff may soon need to find another job. Board members are trying to figure out the best way to find a balanced budget for the next school year, while trying not to diminish the type of education given to D-11 students.

Since the board met last Wednesday, some of the cuts were taken off the list, things like security services and a teacher intern program have been placed back in the budget. "We are at a lower level by putting some of these things back, we're down from 7 million dollars in reductions to 6.6 [million], keeping in mind we still got to get to 16 million dollars,” said District 11 Chief Financial Officer Glenn Gustafson. “So we still have a lot of work ahead of us."

The $16 million cuts are only an estimate. D-11 and all the other school districts in southern Colorado will find out in April how much money they're getting from the state.

The district is planning a focus group on February 24th at Wasson High School to get more input on the cuts. It is not known if the focus group will be open to the general public.