100 MPH Winds Destroy Home, Kill 84-Year-Old Occupant

A microburst with 100 mph winds destroyed this mobile home, killing the occupant inside. (Credit: National Weather Service)

An 84-year-old man was killed after his home was thrown from its foundation during a severe storm Tuesday night.

The mobile home, which stood on a block foundation, was "completely destroyed," the Baca County Sheriff's Office reported. A neighbor found the rubble early Wednesday morning and alerted the sheriff's office.

Authorities identified the victim as Donald Falconburg. He was the only person reported in the home.

The National Weather Service went to Baca County Wednesday to assess the damage. They determined the home was hit by 100 mph winds, which threw it 250 feet. The winds came from a microburst, which is a very localized column of sinking air that occur within thunderstorms, and can bring with it intense and destructive winds. Falconburg's neighbors, who live just a quarter-mile away, did not have any damage.

The home was located on County Road CC.5 in Vilas, Colo. Vilas is an hour south of Lamar.