"Survivor" Tryouts

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Do you have what it takes to be on “Survivor 10?” On Thursday, would-be contestants had a chance to audition for the reality show in Denver. Some fans even spent the night outside Park Meadows Mall just so they could be the first people in line when the doors opened at 9:30 a.m.

So why did they turn out? "First of all to win a $1 million. But I'd love to just win some challenges. Challenge myself to be a good contestant," said Charles Paris. "My oldest son is seven-years-old and he's just a huge fan of “Survivor” and would love to see me on TV. So I thought, ‘Alright, I'll give it a try," said Charles Bashford.

They fill out an application and wait for producers to call their name. Finally, after waiting in line for hours, each person gets 2 minutes in front of the camera to sell themselves. "It seems like an eternity. But once I open my mouth, it will all spill out," said Bronwen Cheny.

People do get creative once they get their chance to shine. Act, sing, dance, whatever it takes to get on the show. Some rehearsed in line. Others planned to “wing it.” "Just get in there at talk about my likes and dislikes. Being a Colorado native, camping my whole life, hiking, fishing. I think that will help out a lot," said Leo Martinez. "Originally I was going to make a tape at home, but I have no idea. Just tell them what I told you. See if I can survive," said Sally Duke.

That's it for the tryouts here. Nationwide, 800 people will be invited to an interview in late July. Producers will narrow the field to 48 in September, and the 16 finalists will find out the good news in October. Their location, still a big secret!