Stormy Tuesday

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Tornadoes, hail and heavy rain hit parts of Colorado on Tuesday as a strong cold front moved across the state.

Watches and warnings were in effect for much of Tuesday afternoon for a wide portion of the state.

In Douglas County, a small tornado damaged a machine shed about four miles south of Castle Rock. No one was injured. Tornadoes were also reported near Strasburg, Elizabeth and Penrose.

Heavy rain and quarter-sized hail fell on parts of the Colorado Springs metro area. Extended Web Coverage

Tornado Facts

  • Tornado Watch: This is issued when the conditions in the atmosphere are suitable for the formation of tornadoes.

  • Tornado Warning: This is issued when a tornado has touched ground, has been indicated by Doppler, and/or there is a funnel cloud in the area.

What to do in case of a Tornado Warning

  • If in your home, go to an interior room on the lowest floor. Stay away from glass and wide-span roofs. Crouch down and cover your head.

  • If in your car or mobile home, abandon them and go to a designated shelter or find a ditch and stay as low as possible.

Tornado Myths

  • Do not open your windows during a tornado. This will only take time and can cause you to not be able to take adequate shelter. If a tornado is close enough to effect the pressure inside the house, then it is hitting your house.

  • Do not try to outrun or out drive a tornado. Tornadoes can travel an excess of 100 MPH. Finding the nearest shelter or ditch is the best form of safety.

Source: National Weather Service contributed to this report