Rising Dairy Prices= Rising Bagel Prices

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Buying a bagel could hit your wallet a little harder now, thanks to the increasing cost of dairy products.

Cream cheese and slices of cheese are both more costly to retailers and therefore, more costly for you. One Colorado Springs shop owner says she has no choice but to pass the extra expense on to customers.

Sharon Smith co-owns "My Daughter's Deli" with her father, a business they bought just a few months ago. She says costs for cream cheese and slices of cheese have skyrocketed, "when we first the deli, cream cheese was runing about $39.00 for 30 pounds, it's gone form $39 to $59.80 for 30 pounds, and $107 for a 40 pound block of cheddar instead of the $24 I was paying."

Smith says with the increase she has no choice but to raise prices on cheddar and swiss bagels by $.30 a bagel. The price of a plain bagel with cream cheese is also up. And Smith says she's even lost some regular customers who just can't afford the increase. But, she adds, they understood why she had to raise prices once they saw the jump in the price of milk at the grocery store.