Lawmaker Seeks Details on Prisoner Abuse

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A California lawmaker is calling for a wider investigation into the interrogation of an Iraqi general, who military investigators say was
suffocated in a sleeping bag by two Fort Carson soldiers.

Democratic Representative Loretta Sanchez of the House Armed
Services Committee says she wants more details about November's
death of Major General Abed Hamed Mowhoush.

Chief Warrant officer Lewis Welshofer and another officer are accused of sliding a sleepign bag over the Iraqi General's head. Welshofer is also accused of sitting on the general's chest and covering his mouth. Welshofer says he did nothing wrong.

Sanchez wants to know whether instructions came from the Defense Department to use specific interrogation techniques.

Separately, six Democrats on military oversight committees have
requested a list of investigative reports on the "abuse or killing
of detainees in Iraq" and other war-zone centers.

Pentagon documents cited by The Denver Post show interrogation
tactics are suspected in at least five prisoner deaths.