Help for the Pets of Abuse Victims

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Studies show, people who abuse children and their spouses are more likely to abuse their pets. And sometimes, people in domestic violence situations may not leave because they're worried about their animals.

A new program in Colorado Springs hopes to give them peace of mind about their pets. The Pikes Peak Humane Society has teamed up with TESSA and Dreampower to help those people who need to give their pets a safe place to go when they need to leave home.

The need for the Safe Pets program is growing and the need for volunteers is high. If a pet owner needs to put his cat, dog or even horse in the Safe Pets program, the animal would first come to the Humane Society, where it's checked and evaluated.

Within 24 to 48 hours, the animal goes to a foster home. The owner has the freedom to escape an abusive situation and not worry about the pet.

If you need the services of Safe Pets, or would like to volunteer to be a foster family for these animals, call the Humane Society or TESSA at 633-1462.