Bounty Hunter Captures Colorado Springs Fugitive

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A line of cars brings in the hunters and the hunted to the Criminal Justice Center.

"We're trying to help keep the streets of Colorado Springs clean," said Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter," Chapman Tuesday night.

The part-time Colorado resident and nationally known bounty hunter and his crew are finishing a brief stay in Colorado Springs, but they never stopped working.

"We arrested 12 people," said his wife Beth.

Their most recent capture: 32-year-old Melissa Lucero, also known as Melissa O'Hara. Lucero faced charges of forgery and theft in the past. But her past has as many bright spots as dark.

"She was a vice president of a bank," Chapman explained. "And then this evil thing called methamphetamine got a hold of her husband and her life."

Chapman said Lucero bolted from a recent court appearance and disappeared. His crew traced her to a local house where his wife, Beth, found Lucero hiding in a pile of rubble.

"It's a little sad about putting her [Lucero] in jail," Chapman said.

Lucero is back in jail and facing more charges. It's a sad story according to Dog the Bounty Hunter, but one that keeps his group going.

"This is our home. We don't like seeing it go to meth," said Beth.