Supporters and Protestors Greet President Bush

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War protesters and supporters of President Bush rallied at opposite ends of the Academy as his motorcade passed by.

Between 200 and 300 anti-war demonstrators showed up at the South Gate of the Academy. They far outnumbered the people at the Pro-Bush Rally. But both sides wanted their message heard.

"Bush says ‘War!’ We say ‘No!’" A peace march started on Academy Boulevard and ended at the South Gate, where a large group of protesters from across the state had already gathered.

A Bush impersonator, sporting a “Pinnochio” nose, wandered through this crowd that vehemently opposes the war in Iraq. "It was a misguided effort to squelch terrorism,” said Lou Bassetti. "Hundreds of our most patriotic men and women are being killed based on lies and I want to make sure George Bush loses his job over this," said Karen Trietsch.

A World War II veteran and Purple Heart recipient, agreed. "The United States attacked a country that was no threat to us," said Phillip Miller.

On the other side, Supporters of President Bush waved flags and held up signs at the North Gate of the Academy. They wanted to show that they stand behind the President and the troops. "President Bush has had to make difficult decisions during his term. He needs our support," said Connie Hemmer.

And much to the delight of this group, the President's motorcade whizzed right by them before entering the Academy grounds. No one was expecting it. "Oh, it was so wonderful! It was so great just to see him," said Nancy Delhousay.

El Paso County deputies on horseback patrolled both rallies. There were no problems.