Presidential Visit: Air Force Academy Security

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Wednesday monrning, President Bush will deliver the commencement address to the Air Force Academy's class of 2004. An estimated 29,000 people are expected to attend the ceremony.

If you're planning on going to the graduation, you'll want to be ready for heavy security.

Experts say, if you're going, think of it like going to the airport: get there early, and be careful what you bring.

The north and south gates of the academy will open at 8:00am. Lieutenant Colonel Kit Lambert says all ticket holders should know where their seats are and arrive no later than 9:30am. He says showing up within an hour of the ceremony would be much too late.

Everyone entering Falcon Stadium will be screened, just like at football games. Security personell say the check could take up to half an hour.

Here's a list of things NOT allowed into the stadium:
-backpacks or bags
- coolers
- open containers
- stollers
- umbrellas
- bags

Purses and diaper bags will be allowed, but will be thouroughly searched. Binoculars, cell phones and cameras will also be allowed inside.

Once ticket holders go through security at the stadium, they will not be allowed to leave, unless there's a medical emergency.