Memorial Day Flags

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A patriotic present given to an entire neighborhood. Families in Briargate woke up this morning to roughly 1,200 flags throughout the community.

The Contrail Drive Loop was littered Memorial Day morning with flags, given to the citizens by a local realtor. Ed Leyba recruited volunteers to pass the flags out in the middle of the night. He says bringing patriotism to this neighborhood is his way of thanking the military for their service. Leyba says, "it's a reminder to everybody else, it's not just a holiday today, it's to remember all the men and woman who fought for us, that make our country what it is today."

Leyba's friend, Christy Stewart agrees. She and her daughters helped put out the flags Sunday night. She echoes Leyba's sentiment, "with everything that's going on overseas, we though patriotism was really important. we thought people waking up and surprising them with flags would really make their day."

People in the neighborhood couldn't agree more.

Now, Leyba says he'd like to continue the practice every year as a Memorial Day tradition. But, he will make one change he says, "next year I'll get better flags."