Miracle at Memorial Family in the National Spotlight

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The last few days have been a whirlwind for a southern Colorado family. First a mother and baby die during labor, then they're both brought back to life. The members of the Hermastorfer family say it's a Christmas miracle.

Tracey went into cardiac arrest when she went into labor. She and her baby both died. Doctors still don't know why, but they both recovered. The pair show no signs of complications. The Hermanstorfers say they're so grateful to be able to share their story with the world.

Although baby Coltyn won't remember being in the national spotlight, for now, he's a star. His father, Mike Hermanstorfer fielded cell phone calls all day Tuesday. "We have not had this many phone calls in our entire life," said Mike. Dozens of media outlets have been pursuing the Hermanstorfers, all wanting to talk about baby Coltyn and mom Tracey's brush with death. "I thought it was just going to stay with our local channels and our newspaper and that was it," said Tracey Hermanstorfer.

As cameras first rolled in the maternity ward at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, the Hermanstorfers had no idea they’d be sitting in a small television studio the next day. The couple did a live interview on CNN’s sister network HLN. "Never in our wildest dreams would I think that a miracle here in our little section of the country would have made it everywhere," said Mike.

Only days old, Coltyn does not even know his own name yet, but millions following his story do. "This little boy has made such an impact and he's only 4 days old," said Tracey.

The Hermanstorfers told 11 News they appreciate all of the support. "People we don't even know have put out prayers for us and everything else, and thanks to them I have my wife and son back," said Mike.

It wasn't long ago when the family couldn't wait to get home and be together. Now they long to get back to normal. "I don't know if rest is going to happen for a little while," said Mike.

Mike also told 11 News he is the sole bread winner for the family and has been forced to take time off work to care for his family.
A family friend has set up an account at First Bank for anyone who would like to donate to the family. Branches in Colorado Springs and Denver have a special account set up under the names Miracle Baby or Coltyn.

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