Prisoner Abuse Scandal

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Attorney Frank Spinner is defending Specialist Sabrina Harman. The 26-year-old faces criminal charges and a possible court-martial in connection with alleged mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners.

Spinner says a key issue will be whether commanders as high as Rumsfeld have made a fair trial impossible because of remarks about the worldwide scandal.

While visiting Iraq earlier this month, Rumsfeld said, “the people who engaged in abuses will be brought to justice. The world will see how a free and democratic society functions.”

Spinner says he plans to fly to Iraq for an Article 32 hearing for Harman next month.

A military court hearing has already been scheduled for next month for an Army private accused of abusing Iraqi prisoners. Lynndie England faces an Article 32 hearing at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, June 21 through the 25th.