New Police Substation

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The Colorado Springs Police Department celebrated the opening of its newest substation on Thursday. The Stetson Hills division is located near Powers and Barnes, on the fast-growing northeast side of the city.

Voters approved the money to build this new substation back in November 2001 as a SCIP Initiative. And that money is what allowed the city to build what they say is a much-needed facility.

This is a $6.2 million building with 32,000 square feet of space, including holding cells a workout room and a community meeting room. "It's a wonderful facility. It's as state-of-the-art as all our facilities,” says Colorado Springs Mayor Lionel Rivera.

This is the first new police substation since 1989. It is hoped that it will make the northeast side of the city safer. "Putting a facility in this part of the city will reduce the time it takes for officers to get to life-threatening calls," says Commander Steve Liebowitz.

Right now, Stetson Hills will serve about 96,000 citizens. But Liebowitz knows their coverage area will only get bigger. "We keep annexing land, people keep coming, it's a big division."

This is the seventh and largest project paid for with skip money, but it's also the last.