Church Vs. State

A Colorado Springs church reached an audience of thousands Sunday night. Prominent evangelists joined voices to speak out against same-sex marriage.

Hundreds saw the event in person as it happened at New Life Church. They filled the church to hear 5 evangelical leaders speak their mind.

The event came together as a response to Massachusetts allowing same sex marriages.

Leader, like Senior Pastor Ted Haggard, say it's a danger to society and an issue worth fighting for.

"When we talk about battles, we mean making the best argument. We talk about a debate of ideas. We have systems to handle that. We have courts, legislatures, we have all types. And on a popular level, which this is, we have people giving their best argument and that's essentially what we have going on here."

Critics includeRev. Nori Rost of Pikes Peak Metropolitan Community Church. She supports the idea of same sex marriage and feels the argument is getting in the way of more important issues.

"I think, if we could join forces with New Life and Focus on the Family and other Christian organizations, we could join together and say we're not going to focus on this.

If you love someone, that's great. Just get married and have a stable relationship and let's join forces and eradicate hunger and homelessness.

I think a house divided isn't doing anybody any good."