Lost Wedding Ring Found After 39 Years!

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It's a story almost too good to be true. A wedding ring---lost in Prospect Lake 39 years ago---has been found in the mud of its receding shoreline. Back in 1965, Jack Case lost his wedding band while he was water skiing. He died in a plane crash 14 years ago. But now, that ring is finally in the hands of his widow.

As Prospect Lake recedes, it is revealing secrets---once lost in its murky water. For the past two months, Swede Knutson has been using his metal detector to search the ever-expanding shoreline for any hidden treasures. "Whatever people lose or throw away, you may find here,” he says.

On Monday, buried under eight inches under wet sand, Swede struck gold. "Gold---it comes out of the ground like the day it was made. It looked good!"

Within hours, he found the ring's owner, Carolyn Case-Greening. Swede was able to track down Carolyn quickly because she had already called him. She had seen his name in the newspaper in another story about the hidden treasures at Prospect Lake. "I just thought I'll let them know, in case they run across the ring. Just had the feeling to do that," says Carolyn.

There was also something else. The wedding band was inscribed: CDW to JWC 11-29-64. Jack and Carolyn Case were married on November 29, 1964. Less than a year later, he lost his ring. Carolyn remembers the day well. "He came home from water skiing and he just looked awful. He was pale. He was shaken. I said, ‘What happened?’ He said, ‘I lost my wedding ring.’"

Tragically, Jack Case was killed in July of 1989. He was onboard United Flight 232, which crashed in Sioux City, Iowa. For Carolyn and their three children, finding the ring is a gift and a miracle. "I hadn't really gone back to that period of my life for a long time. But that's what I find myself doing. It's good memories."

Carolyn is extremely grateful to Swede for finding the ring. She has strong faith and believes God chose him to find it.