Child's Letter Helps Make Sidewalks Safer

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A 6-year-old boy in Colorado Springs gets the credit, for helping to make the sidewalks around a pre-school more handicap accessible.He recently wrote a letter to the city asking for the sidewalks to get ramps for kids with disabilities.

Quinn Cunningham’s sister Chloe is special needs and a about a year ago he noticed that the sidewalks near her school didn't have pedestrian ramps. He kept telling his mom he wanted to do something to help and he decided to write a letter.

"Dear authority,” the letter read.“At my sisters school there are no ramps by the sidewalk for kids with disabilities. It is a school that has a lot of special needs kids."

Quinn wrote this letter two weeks ago concerned about the sidewalks near Briargate Preschool.

"My son every time we would drive by would say mom can you believe a school that has special needs kids wouldn't have ramps at their sidewalks," Quinn’s mom Amy Cunningham said.

They sent the letter to the Colorado Springs City Streets Division. Last week it landed on Allen Peterson's desk.

"This is the first time I've received a letter from a 6-year-old man requesting work on someone else’s behalf, that's what made this one really special," said Peterson.

And just as luck would have it Allen had a crew working close by.

"We had a crew working in the area that had just finished up one job so it just worked out perfect and we moved the crew in front of the school," Peterson said.

The concrete for the ramps was laid down this week. "I was excited," Quinn said.

"I think it's even cooler that right now in our city when we are going through tough economical times that somebody at that level took the time to pick up the phone and call a 6 year-old and say your letter made a difference," said Amy.

Quinn's sister Chloe doesn't go to Briargate Preschool anymore but Quinn hopes the new pedestrian ramps will help others get to and from school safely.

"I think I made a difference," Quinn said.