New Details Released About Serial Rapist Dubbed "Ether Man"

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New details released about a Southern Colorado woman allegedly raped by a serial rapist dubbed the "Ether Man".

Robert Bruce’s DNA has reportedly linked him to 11 other rapes in Albuquerque, NM, and one in Austin, TX. The case in Pueblo, in which Bruce is accused, had gone cold in 2006. Then, recently investigators say they tested Bruce's DNA to some DNA found on evidence from the attack. Authorities say it’s a match.

According to arrest papers recently released by the Pueblo police, the rape happened three years ago. The 25-year-old woman says the attacker broke into her home while she was asleep. The victim told police that the man used a chemical-laced cloth to cover her mouth to knock her out. The next thing the victim remembered was waking up in the shower with cold water running on her. That's when she found a used condom on the bathroom floor. The court papers say that the DNA found matches the suspect, now 47-year-old Robert Bruce with 99.7-percent accuracy.

The woman told police that a month before the rape, she saw a man standing in her backyard looking through her window while she was hosting a bachelorette party. He ran away when they yelled at him, threatening to call police.

Then, just a few days before the assault, the victim reported that she thought she heard someone trying to open the side door to her home.

The suspect, Robert Bruce, remains behind bars in the Pueblo County Jail with a $3.8 million bond. The Pueblo District Attorney says he will face all charges here in Colorado before being extradited to New Mexico. Bruce also faces charges in an attempted-murder case. Police say he tried to blow up the home of a Pueblo officer this fall.

Fort Collins police tell 11 News that investigators are looking into the possibility of Bruce being involved in two unsolved sexual assaults in their district.