C.U. Commission Report

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The University of Colorado at Boulder football players did use alcohol and sex to lure football recruits. But the school did not encourage the behavior. That's just one of the findings of an independent panel investigation into the university's recruiting practices.

The panel released the 50 page report today.

According to the report, there's widespread agreement sex and alcohol have long been staples of recruiting at CU and other schools, so administrators and coaches should have known about it, and taken action.

Several high level university officials' jobs are hinged on the report, starting with president Elizabeth Hoffman.

The report says:

"As the university's chief administrator, Hoffman failed to exercise sufficient oversight until pressured by the governor and lawmakers."

The independent commission also recommends Hoffman evaluate Chancellor Richard Byyny, Athletic Director Richard Tharp, and head football coach Gary Barnett. They say she needs to determine if they are committed to changing the culture at the university, and if they can.

Another problem highlighted in the report: a lack of response by director Tharp to his boss, Byynt and a lack of follow through by the chancellor to create greater control over recruits.

Governor Bill Owens says he has confidence in president Hoffman. He says, "I assume she'll make the right decisions regarding what should be done and to make sure that CU restores its focus and maintains its focus on education."

CU Regent Jim Martin says he expects to be involved in decisions, "I do think that this is not just Betsy Hoffman's decision now, this is spilled out internationally and it's up to the board of regent to weigh in, ok, in terms of ideas of the way to ultimately move this universtiy ahead."

Governor Owens will not comment on the report, until he has had a chance to thoroughly read it in its entirety.

Read the entire CU Independent Investigative Commission report HERE.