Dealing with Graphic Images

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We continue to see graphic images coming out of Iraq almost every day. So how are people coping with them? Psychologists say talking about the disturbing photos and videos is one way for adults to deal with it.

"I feel violated because they're pretty gruesome."
"It makes me very angry."
"I try to seek out media when I know I can handle it."
"I just like to look away."
"There's something the general public just doesn't need to see."

Nobody we talked to said they want to see the images. Some say they need to. As psychologist Martin Olsen explains, people do have a way of dealing with seeing something disturbing. "Through talking about it---there's therapeutic value in getting this stuff out."

He says adults need to seek out other adults. “Find someone who is objective. Is a good listener. Isn't going to condone them for talking about it."

But when it comes to kids, Olsen says parents should try to shield small children from seeing these kinds of pictures. But he admits, that can be tough. "It's a good opportunity for parents to talk to them and say, These are things we don't like and don't want to do.’" He says always be honest with children, but speak their language. "Parents are pretty good judges of what their kids can understand."

Olsen says finding balance is the key so don't put it aside and don't dwell on it.