"Withholding Evidence" Allegation

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The lawyer for an Army private photographed taunting naked Iraqi prisoners is accusing the Pentagon of withholding evidence needed for her defense.

Giorgio Ra'Shadd says the Defense Department has denied him access to pictures, names and other information that could help Private First Class Lynndie England.

England tells Denver television station KCNC she knows some people believe she and her fellow soldiers acted alone.

She says the kinds of things she was photographed doing weren't ideas she came up with while lying in bed.

England insists she was following orders, and that her life since the photos were released has been like a nightmare.

Ra'Shadd says he's not sure if more photos of England will be

In the meantime, Ra'Shadd wants the military to allow England to visit her family in West Virginia.

He says he'll submit the formal request to military officials at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where Private First Class Lynndie England has been stationed since returning from Iraq in March.

Ra'Shadd says he expects the Army to deny the request because an investigating officer hasn't yet been assigned to England's case.

A commander is more likely to consider a leave request once an investigating officer has been assigned.