Trial Date set in Kobe Bryant Sexual Assault Case

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Now that Kobe Bryant has pleaded not guilty to felony sexual assault, the NBA star's trial will start on or before November 11th. That is, unless the judge approves a delay for any of a host of reasons.

Legal experts say Bryant's trial is more likely than others to begin within the six months allowed by state law because of both sides' apparent eagerness to get started and because of unique policies followed in Eagle County.

Colorado law says charges must be dropped if prosecutors or the
court system cause delays and the trial doesn't begin within six
months of a plea. That rarely happens.

The law does allow extensions and judges can approve delays for
reasons not spelled out in the law, as long as they believe there
is good cause to make the defendant wait.

Either side can ask for a delay, but the 6 month clock typically stops only on defense requests.