Kobe Bryant Hearings

NBA star Kobe Bryant is expected to plead not guilty to rape this week, and trigger a countdown to what will likely be one of the most closely watched trials in recent history.

Bryant returned to the Eagle County Justice Center Monday morning,
for a three day hearing on several key issues. They include whether
the defense can use certain information about the alleged victim, her sexual history for example, against her at trial.

The defense is also trying to get certain evidence excluded, including Bryant's recorded interview with investigators before he was read his Miranda Rights, a T-shirt stained with the woman's blood and results of Bryant's hospital exam.

The most anticipated moment of the hearing will likely come on Wednesday, when one television camera will be allowed in the courtroom to capture Bryant's formal plea. This will be only the third time in the course of the pre-trial proceedings in the case a camera will be allowed in the room.

The 19 year old woman claims Bryant raped her at an Edwards resort last summer. The L.A. Laker maintains the sex was consensual.