Denver Man Held Captive in Iraq

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An Arab television station is broadcasting videotape of a Denver resident being held hostage.

The tape shows a blindfolded man who says, in English, he's an Iraqi American from Denver. The man says his name is Aban Elias and he's a Civil Engineer working for the Pentagon in Baghdad.

His brother, Kazwan, says his brother has been in Iraq for about a year, and was running a gravel operation to help rebuild roads.

His mother says the 41-year-old has three sons of his own, ages one, four, and six, who live in Jordan with his wife.

An editor of the Al-Arabiya station in the United Arab Emirates says the station received the tape Thursday.

Along with the tape came a statement from a group calling itself "The Islamic Rage Brigade.'' The group says Elias was kidnapped on May 3. They made no demands for his release.