Legislative Session

Nevada Legislature 2003
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Lawmakers caved in to years of pressure from the federal government today - the final day of their session - agreeing to lower the blood-alcohol limit for drunken driving.

During the 120 days lawmakers were in session, they also approved a first-of-its-kind college voucher program and a plan to ask voters to make it easier to discipline or fire state employees.

However, they failed to reach a consensus on the two top items on their agenda this year.

That included putting a plan before voters to ease up on constitutional limits on their ability to raise taxes, and a proposal to sell off the state's share of the tobacco settlement to help them cope with a projected 254 million dollars revenue shortfall next year.

There was little left for lawmakers to do today after they killed the last of a dozen proposals to ask voters to loosen fiscal reins in the Constitution amid warnings there will be painful cuts in everything from higher education to health care.

Governor Bill Owens may call a special session to deal with the budget crisis.