Campaign 2004: Television Ads

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Television ads for democratic presidential hopeful, John Kerry hit the air in Colorado Tuesday.

It's a 25 million dollar ad campaign, targeting 19 states, including Colorado, which are known to vote primarily republican.

The question is, even with the ad campaign, does Senator Kerry stand a chance in Colorado?

11 News talked with a political analyst to find out. And experts say, Kerry does have a chance, but it's a long shot.

If Kerry does gain ground in our state, it could become an important battleground on the road to the White House.

Democratic presidential candidates have ignored Colorado in the past two presidential camapigns. Political scienece professors say that's because, for the past eight years, both parties knew Colorado would vote repulican.

So, why now?

Experts say it could be they believe they may have a real shot this time, or they wouldn't be spending the money. Or, they say, the democrats may just be trying to raise the national image.

Both professors we spoke with say it's unlikely the state will go democrat. But, they disagree about how Colorado may play on the national level. One believes Colorado could be a political hot bed this year. The other, Professor Bob Leovy says he only gives the state a 25% chance of becoming one to watch in November.