Apartment Fire

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A mother and daughter in Colorado Springs are safe, thanks to concerned neighbors.

A fire broke out at the Ridgeview Place apartments, near Austin Bluffs and Academy, around 1:15 Tuesday morning, when many residents were sound asleep. Firefighters say, if not for some heroic actions, the fire could have done a lot more damage.

Two residents of the apartment came home early in the morning, to notice a bush was on fire. It was then, they sprung into action, waking their sleeping neighbors and trying to battle the flames before firefighters arrived.

Corey Baca says she was out playing pool for the evening. When she came home she saw that the building was on fire. She says her first thought was to evacuate her neighbors, "I ran... and started kicking in their doors making sure everyone would get out of their apartment."

In one of the apartments, sound asleep, was a mother and her two year old child.

Corey says once everyone was out safely, she, her cousin and another resident tried to battle the flames. The three used up eight fire extinguishers before firefighters arrived on the scene.

Fire officials say the trio will likely be recognized for their efforts and quick thinking.

Fire investigators are still working to determine what caused the bush to catch fire.

The building sustained about $20,000 worth of damage.