Air Force Barbers on Strike

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Barbers at the Air Force Academy are on strike, after their out-of-state employer threatens to cut their wages.

The barbers are employed by Gino Morena Enterprises, based in San Francisco, California. The company is now looking to cut 10% of the barbers' wages, down from the current 62% per cut commission. Each haircut costs about $6.45.

The strike won't affect the look of cadets, though. These barbers are only responsible for active duty members, their families and retirees' hair.

Barbers protesting the pay cut are asking the military to help, by not getting haircuts at the Academy Community Center until they are back on the job. Four of the barbers, their families and members of the United Food and Commercial Workers local seven union took to the streets Monday fighting to keep their current pay. They say a 10% cut could devastate their incomes and force them to work somewhere else.

During the strike, the barbers are getting $200 per week from the strike fund.

While the barbers are on strike, Gino Morena Enterprises has brought in alternate workers to cut hair.

Gino Morena operates other shops at Fort Carson and Peterson Air Force Base. Around the world the military contractor has about 500 shops.

While on strike, the barbers are getting $200 a week from the strike fund.