Third Grade CSAP Reading Scores Released

Statewide results for the Colorado Student Assessment Program reading tests are released Monday, showing some improvement but, a familiar gap between elementary school boys and girls.

The test scores show, Colorado's third grade girls are still consistently ahead of the boys when it comes to reading. According to the tests, 74% of the state's third graders read at a proficient or advanced level. When divided, those numbers work out to 77% of girls and 70% of boys are reading at proficient or advanced levels.

The state Department of Education says the percentage is the same as last year. And, they say the gap between the genders is little changed since the tests were introduced in 1998. On those first tests, 70% of girls tested proficient or advanced compared with 62% of boys.

In southern Colorado, Harrison School District 2 showed improvement in reading, when many of the state's districts stayed the same. Since the CSAP's began, HSD2 has never had school score 80% proficient or advanced in third grade reading, until this year. Three of the district's schools hit or topped that mark. District 2 showed the largest increase in the area.

Three more of District 2's schools passed the 70% or above mark. That's up from two schools back in 2003.

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