Vanguard Airlines Goes Bankrupt

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Discount carrier Vanguard Airlines has suspended operations. It plans to lay off nearly all its 1,100 workers and will seek Chapter Eleven bankruptcy protection.

The Kansas City-based discount carrier has never shown an annual profit in eight years of operation. A recorded announcement on its reservation line says all flights Tuesday and Wednesday have been canceled, and all other flights scheduled after that have been suspended indefinitely.

A spokeswoman says Vanguard had made arrangements for ticket-holders to buy discounted tickets from Frontier and National airlines, and it is talking to other carriers about similar arrangements.

Vanguard has a fleet of 13 planes serving 18 destinations, including Colorado Springs. There are two daily flights from Colorado Springs to Kansas City. It began service to Colorado Springs just 7 months ago.

In it's 8-year history, Vanguard has never shown a profit. Plus, the company was denied a government-backed loan under a program to help airlines recover after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

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