Pueblo Water Restrictions

Saving Water
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Water restrictions began for the city of Pueblo on Monday, July 29. The city has set a goal of 30% water reduction. On that first day, water use was actually higher than usual. Officials say customers used 164,000 gallons more than an average Monday.

On Thursday, Pueblo water savings was at about 16%. Officials say while that is an improvement since Monday, it still falls short of the goal of 30%.

Here's the watering schedule for Pueblo homes and businesses:

  • Addresses ending in odd numbers: Monday and Friday

  • Even addresses ending in 0, 2, or 4: Wednesday and Saturday

  • Even addresses ending in 6 or 8: Thursday and Sunday

  • No watering on Tuesday

  • Watering should be done between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m., for no more than 3 hours.