$70K In Stolen Property, 400+ oz. Of Pot Seized In Pueblo County

Marijuana uncovered in large Pueblo County bust. The Sheriff's Office tells us it was enough marijuana for 200 people.

Thousands of dollars worth of property have been recovered through an ongoing drug bust in Pueblo.

In addition to finding $70,000 worth of stolen property, recovering large amount of drugs and arresting six people, the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office says authorities have found sufficient evidence tying the property both to recent burglaries in Pueblo and to vehicle thefts in three counties.

The first search warrant was served on Jan. 2 at two homes on the 6200 block of Highway 78 West. A thorough search over a 24-hour period uncovered more than 3 ounces of meth, two stolen vehicles--including a stolen 4-wheeler--a stolen weapons, and tools to package large amounts of meth. The Sheriff's Office says the suspects unsuccessfully tried to flush the drugs into their sewer--but detectives went through all the pipes and the septic tank.

Sixty-year-old Steve Tuttle, 23-year-old Billy Soto and 51-year-old Jeffery Hannah were all arrested in connection to the search.

Two weeks later, on Jan. 16, the PCSO Narcotics unit and a SWAT team, based on information they received during the Jan. 2 search, executed another search warrant at an adjacent property.

There, authorities found two stolen Ford pickup trucks and three stolen 4-wheelers, taken from Pueblo, El Paso and Bent counties. They also found the following stolen items: four wire feed-welders, an arc welder, an acetylene torch set, a commercial tapper/compactor and several power tools.

Additionally, meth, 421 oz. of marijuana (pictured) and various drug paraphernalia were uncovered.

James Medina, 60, his 29-year-old son Jesse, and 49-year-old Jerri Halley were arrested.

Authorities are still looking for 37-year-old Leslie Millier-Acosta on multiple charges including possession and intent to distribute charges. The Sheriff's Office says there could still be more arrests.

The Pueblo Police Department was notified about the recovery of one of the trucks, and executed their own search warrant. Police say the property investigated on Jan. 16 is tied to multiple burglaries in Pueblo.

Sheriff Kirk Taylor had this to say about the investigation:

“We recovered over $70,000 in stolen property here, just one of these trucks is valued at $40,000. These narcotics and SWAT personnel are quiet dedicated professionals who work hard, ask for little, and get the job done. They certainly demonstrated that during the investigations into these properties and these individuals.”