Virginia Tech Student Escapes Death

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One Virginia Tech student from Northern Colorado says she feels like she escaped death. Jenna Stewart stayed home from class Monday because she felt sick. The class she didn't go to that morning was in Norris Hall where 30 students and professors were shot to death.

"She was in tears, she was crying and frantic," Becky Stewart recalls the phone call from her daughter. "I said, 'What's going on? What happened?' She goes, 'I can't even describe what's happening right now… just turn on the TV.'"

Becky couldn't believe what she was seeing. Police were running around with guns at Norris Hall where Jenna was supposed to be in class. "I think that that's what really rattled her was that she was supposed to have been on campus in that building."

Becky believes her daughter has a guardian angel watching over her. “You have a sense of relief that your child is okay, but how about everybody else's kid that's in that building and is having to go through all that."

The Stewarts are heading to Virginia in a few weeks to watch Jenna graduate, the same university both of her parents attended. Her mom says it was supposed to be an exciting time, but now, there's not a whole lot to celebrate.