Ongoing Pothole Problems

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Drive past the patch of black asphalt on Austin Bluffs and Meadowland, and it's not really a problem. But what lies beneath the patch caused a big problem for Monica Landeros.

"The tire and airbags deflating. Those went off it was really loud," she said.

It was a pothole. And her car now is sitting in the shop with a popped tire and airbags exposed after they burst from their housings when Monica hit it.

Monica can't believe the damage, but service consultant Michael Hanson sees it pretty regularly.

"We see on average three or four come in per week," Hanson said.

Many cars come in with damages to tires and rims, or jolted hard enough to make the car respond like there's been a crash.

It can get worse.

"Ripped off bumpers, things like that just from potholes around town," said Hanson.

The price tag for repairing cars from pothole damages can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

It works out well for Hanson even though he can sympathize.

"We don't like them just like other people, but we're here to help people out and fix their cars, so we welcome the work," he said.

Monica thinks her repairs will run about $3,800, and now has a major headache to deal with from something that's usually just a nuisance.

"You're used to hitting them all the just don't expect the damage," she said.

Monica filed her claim with her insurance company and the city of Colorado Springs. There's a chance the city will pay out if the city is proven to be at fault.

Repairing potholes is a sun up to sundown job for city crews and they ask for residents help. Anyone who knows where a bad pothole is, repair crews can be reached at 385-6808