Virginia Massacre Suspect Named

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New information on the Virginia Tech Massacre.

Virginia State Police have identified the shooting suspect as 23 year old Cho Seung-Hui.

Seung-Hui was from South Korea and a resident alien of Centreville, Virginia. He was a senior undergrad at Virginia Tech and was studying as an English major. Seung-Hui was also a resident of Harper Hall on campus.

Investigators have ruled out any additional suspects. The Virginia State Police say ballistics tests show one of the guns that was found after the shooting rampage was used in both shootings, at the dorm and at the classroom building.

The incident ended with the gunman's suicide, bringing the death toll from the two separate shootings to 33.

Classes have been canceled for the rest of the week. Norris Hall where the majority of the shootings took place will remain closed this semester.

A convocation took place Tuesday afternoon in honor of the victims of Monday's shooting. President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush were in attendance.

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