Springs Family Has Son at VA Tech

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Monday morning's shooting had a Colorado Springs couple fearing the worst.

A former Liberty High student is a sophomore at Virginia Tech University. His parents had a tough time trying to get ahold of him Monday morning, after a friend called to tell them about the deadly shooting.

"It was a little concerning. But we kind of figured the odds were pretty slim," said Frank Tyboroski.

Tyboroski's son, Travis is a student at Virginia Tech.

"Travis lost his cell phone last week, so we haven't been able to get directly in contact with him," said Tyboroski.

And that made for a tense morning. Frank waited at his desk patiently, but anxiously. He was glued to one computer screen for the latest news and another for his e-mail.

An hour later, the one he'd been waiting for, arrived.

"Everything is okay," Travis wrote. He went on to say he was leaving for class when someone pulled him and other students back inside their dorm right next door to the dorm where gunfire first erupted. The students' bags were taken and they were forced to wait in the commons area for quite some time.

It was a harrowing morning for Travis and one his parents won't soon forget.

"I'm still concerned, even though I know my son is okay. I still know some of the faculty at Virginia Tech. They do teach classes at Norris Hall. I'm praying they're all okay, too," concluded Tyboroski.

Frank Tyboroski is a Virginia Tech alum himself. He went to graduate school there in the mid-1990's.