Ritter To Sign Gay Adoption Bill

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A bill sitting on Governor Ritter's desk would pave the way for gay couples to legally adopt children together.

A representative for Governor Ritter says he will sign the bill later this week.

But it doesn't come without controversy, those against it say it takes us further away from an effective family structure, and in the gay community, they say it will finally give them a legal right they deserve.

“Having the family to come home to, having my wife, watching the kids play on the weekends,” said gay parent of four, Kimberly Alexander.

Alexander and her partner Eva Wilkinson brought four kids together under one roof, each has two biological children from previous marriages.

Kimberly considers Eva's kids her own, and now the law could support her.

“They are my children, and they will be able to stay with me,” said Alexander.

“I like the idea because my dad's never been in my life,” said Eva’s 15-year-old biological daughter Norma.

She says having two moms is no different.

“It doesn't matter, as long as everybody's happy,” said Norma.

But opponents say the bill is promoting a "homosexual agenda."

“Now you've defined a joint parental status which looks a lot like marriage, and we believe that's the ultimate goal,” said Jim Pfaff, President of Colorado Family Institute.

Pfaff has been fighting HB 1330 and says it will destroy the family structure.

“The facts are, a married mother and father in the home is the best place for the child,” said Pfaff.

Gay parent Kimberly Alexander says the sex of the couple doesn’t matter as long as the child it loved.

House Bill 1330 never gives direct reference to same sex adoption, rather it allows a second adult to adopt a child with no other legal parent.

Ten states have already approved similar measures.