70 Inmates Quarantined After Possible Norovirus Outbreak

Seventy inmates are quarantined at Territorial Prison in Canon City after possibly falling ill with norovirus.

11 News spoke with an inmate who says too many inmates are getting sick. Roger Gross, who is serving a 45-year sentence, says that inmates who clean can only use a mild dish washing soap. They don't have anything that's antibacterial. Gross says he'd like to use a bleach solution, but that's not being allowed.

"They don't provide anything, hand washing, there's absolutely zero hand soap in our bathroom to provide any type of cleanliness and there's zero kind of true chemical to disinfect the area," Gross says.

Norovirus can be spread by a lack of hand washing in the bathroom.

We talked with a spokeswoman with the Department of Corrections. She says the illness is not confirmed, but the symptoms are similar to norovirus. Visiting and volunteer programs are cancelled through the weekend. She also says they are using sanitation guidelines from the health department to take care of the inmates and the prison.