Grandmother Murder

An affidavit is released Tuesday containing details of the murder of an elderly woman, for which her 15 year old grandson is charged.

Early Monday morning in Mounument, 74 year old Jacqueline Jean Paul's body was found in the master bedroom of her son's home. She had been shot to death in her sleep.

Now, El Paso County Sheriff's have charged Paul's 15 year old grandson with first degree murder.

11 News has obtained the court documents in the case.

Sheriff's deputies arrested the boy when his story became inconsistent.
First, he told investigators that a masked man had entered the home and shot his grandmother. But, deputies say evidence at the scene is inconsistent with that story. And, the boy later changed his story. He admitted the intruder story was a lie, and confessed to shooting his grandmother, but, he said it was an accident.

Deputies determined Jaqueline's grandson was the only other person home at the time of the shooting.

Investigators later learned the boy was in trouble at school and he was going to have to bring his grandmother with him to the school. It was then the boy admitted to shooting the elderly woman on purpose to avoid the embarrassment of having her sit in class with him.

In a written confession the boy wrote:

"So i started thinking of ways to make her gone and I will admit it I was thinking of ways I could make it so she wasn't around anymore. But, it wasn't until Sunday afternoon that I thought about using a gun. That night about 10:30 p.m. I started making a plan on how to do it and then about 11:00 p.m. she said she was going to bed, at which point I was looking over at my dad's .22 rifle when I thought about using it to do it. But at the last second right I was about to do it I said no wait what the hell are you thinking but I wasn't fast enough to stop my finger from pulling the trigger and if I could take it back I would in a second."

The boy is now charged with first degree murder, burglary and possesion of a handgun by a juvenile.