Kobe Bryant Hearing

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NBA star Kobe Bryant was back in a Colorado court Tuesday. The main focus of the hearing is to determine whether pieces of evidence in the sexual assault case will be admitted to trial.

Four witnesses testified at today's hearing in Eagle County. Three young men testified, apparently in connection with defense attempts to learn the sexual history of the alleged victim of the Los Angeles Lakers star. The three men testified for a total of a half an hour.

Also at issue is alleged evidence taken from Bryant himself, before he was arrested or read his rights. Specifically, defense attorneys are working to keep a supposedly secretly taped interview with Bryant shortly after the woman filed her report out of evidence at the trial.

The nurse who examined the woman at a Glenwood Springs hospital also testified for two hours in the morning and was due back on the stand in the afternoon.

Prosecution spokesman Krista Flannigan said she did not expect
the portion of the hearing on the sexual history to be completed
this week. The hearing is due to adjourn Wednesday.

The judge in the case is expected to set a trial date by the end of the three days of hearings.