Pet Problems at the Colorado Humane Society?

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The Colorado State Veternarian's office is investigating complaints against the Colorado Humane Society. That's the group that was brought into Colorado Springs at the beginning of the year to service the city. The county and surrounding cities still use the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region. But, so far, a majority of the complaints have been found to be invalid.

The state vet's office is investigating 2 to 3 new complaints so officials can't talk about specifically about those. One inspector, Cindy Thompson, has found 6 complaints valid and 11 invalid.

The valid complaints against the Colorado Humane Society include an unsanitary and disorganized sanitation area and overcrowded cat cages. The executive director, Mary Warren, admits some cages are overcrowded and two cats shouldn't be in one space. But she says a lot of the complaints are downright lies. As to an allegation of a cat lying in its own feces, Warren said the cat was scared and was simply hiding in its litter box.

And Warren has accusations herself. She says the building atmosphere is tense between the two groups. “We've moved in. We're the unwanted neighbors," she said.

But Doctor Wes Metzler of the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region says his staff is upbeat and cohesive. He says in no way has his employees asked volunteers to complain about their neighbor. He also says he has no direct knowledge of overcrowding or disease next door. "We certainly hear from people who have adopted and animals are sick, and rescue groups who came in and animals were not adoptable because they were sick."

Inspector Cindy Thompson says there are problems with the Colorado Humane Society. But she's done two inspections and believes it's definitely improving. Thompson also found one valid complaint against the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region from August of last year.

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