G.I. Grandma

A chaos-filled house. Madeline Belarde is off to her daughter's wedding. It wasn't supposed to happen until October. But all that changed when, on April 5th, she got the word she's off to Iraq.

As a combat stress nurse, Madeline's been busy counseling the soldiers who have been returning home. But she didn't think she'd get called up for duty.

"I think emotionally, as a family, it's shock and disbelief. I think my family is dealing with the grief... the grief of being so far away."

The family is being supportive in the dwindling days. They've even made t-shirts in her honor.

"It says 'My nana wears combat boots. My mom wears combat boots'."

While Madeline will be thousands of miles away, she says she'll cling to the few things that keep her strong. But, for now, yellow ribbons will continue to blow in the breeze until Madeline returns home next year.

"My family, my family. They are my life. My family is what I'm going to miss."