Local Teen Gets Prom Invitation With Millions Watching

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A Cheyenne Mountain High School student a got a very unexpected phone call this morning, she woke to a national weather anchor calling her on her cell phone.

Becca Irwin, a Junior at Cheyenne Mountain, was asked to prom live on the CBS Early Show with millions watching.

“You’re making your plea to who for what?” Said a CBS Early Show anchor.

“Becca, will you go to prom with me,” said Cheyenne Mountain senior Holland Lohse, and Becca’s boyfriend.

But that wasn't good enough for The Early Show crew, later in the show weatherman, Dave Price, wanted to get a final answer for Holland, so he called Becca.

“Becca? Holland wants to know if you're going to go to the prom with him?” Dave Price said live on air.

11 News surprised her today while she was playing in a golf tournament and showed her footage of the show for the first time.

“He's the best boyfriend ever,” said Irwin.

Becca says she was asleep when she got the call and was completely shocked by who was on the other end, but accepted the invitation regardless.

Holland Lohse was in New York with the Cheyenne Mountain High School band, they played at Carnegie Hall Sunday night.