2 House Fires in Colorado Springs

Firefighters scramble from one scene to another to control two active fires in Colorado Springs Sunday night.

One started while crews were still working on the other.

One of the fires started at 8-hundred block of Zion Drive, not far from Airport and Circle.

Before they even got to that fire, city fire crews scrambled to get flames under control at a house near the Colorado Springs Country Club.

The sight of flames and smoke and the sounds of firetruck sirens halted Easter dinners all along 4th street around 7:30.

Neighbors had been calling 911 in desperation.

The two people who live there weren't home at the time when the fire broke out.

But their two dogs were inside, apparently trapped, or too scared to escape.

Neighbor Matt Bergland tried his best to save them.

More than an hour after the fire broke out... crews were still putting out hotspots, as the sad news began to circulate that the pets inside did not survive.

Investigators are still looking into the cause.